See No Evil

Louise Jordan was a stout woman with a placid smile whose hometown charm was quite welcomed in her sophisticated Connecticut neighborhood. It was a routine quiet afternoon, and like normal, Louise would turn to her favorite soap opera, pour her a lunchtime glass of wine, and recline in her favorite rocking chair. On this particular day however, her normal routine was interrupted by some ruckus next door accompanied by an unfamiliar voice. She struggled to get out of her chair and made it over to the window in enough time to nosily observe two men. She recognized her neighbor Daniel, but the other man aggressively escorting Daniel to the car, she had never seen before. “I wonder what’s going on over there.”  Louise was unaware she was witnessing Daniel’s kidnapping and that Monique lay murdered on the bedroom floor of Daniel and Lillie’s house. Nestled away behind her yellow stained curtains, she didn’t think anyone saw her…. but Daniel got a glimpse of her, and knew she was his only hope!

Loose Ends

“Man, what is this about?”, asked Daniel. The man kept driving, paying him little attention, as if he didn’t find it necessary to answer any probing questions. Daniel, struggling to catch his breath, asked, “Why…what happened to the other guy?” Still no response from the driver. Daniel knew with Lillie on her way home, she would be caught up in the middle of his mess. He wasn’t able to protect Monique, the woman he once cared about; now he couldn’t protect Lillie, the woman he loved! The driver turned down some familiar roads, and before he knew it, they were pulling into the alleyway behind his bank. Suddenly it clicked, and the identities of these men became clear. He didn’t know them personally, but he’d seen them with Maximus. These were the men Maximus used to clean up loose ends. This time, he was their loose end.

911 What’s Your Emergency?

“Where was Lillie?”, Louise pondered as she adjusted her frail framed glasses. Before she left for LA, Lillie told Louise she was going to Clique company headquarters but wasn’t sure exactly when she would return. Lillie trusted Louise. She knew she would be there in the event of an emergency and that Louise would always be “Glady’s Kravitzing”, for anything abnormal at the house.

Louise fell asleep that night fussing at the characters on Greenleaf. The day had been mentally exhausting, and she was worried she hadn’t heard from Lillie. Her warm cover, stern pillow and half drank glass of wine served as sedatives and she slept soundly through the night.

Her alarm rang at 6am! She reached for her glasses, said her prayers, and made her way to the kitchen. As she brewed her morning coffee and prepared her buttery toast, she glanced at her phone, and saw she had a missed call from Lillie. She fumbled with her phone, adjusted her glasses, poured her coffee, and listened to the message…

just landed, on my way home, can’t get in touch with Daniel, hope things are well.

Hearing Lillie’s voice made Louise smile. She hastily picked up the phone and dialed Lillie, but there was no answer. Over the next hour, Louise tried calling Lillie several more times and never received an answer. Recalling what she had seen yesterday coupled with Lillie not answering the phone, in a nervous panic, Louise called the police and requested a wellness check on her neighbor.

Sound Of Da Police

As the sirens got closer, a confused Lillie ran down the stairs. Unable to make sense of anything, Lillie dialed the family attorney. The police knock on the door……  Lillie hangs up on her attorney and hesitantly opens the door. “I am officer Collins, and this is officer Williams, as they flashed their badges. We are here ma’am because your neighbor thought she saw something unusual yesterday and was unable to reach you by phone this morning, may we come in?”

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