If Charlotte had a plan “B” she had forgotten all about it by the time she opened her eyes! Her life would forever be changed. Charlotte would never feel her baby’s kick, the heartburn of morning sickness, or shop for the newest baby fads. The only memory she had was filling out a long list of pages and slowly counting backward at the doctor’s orders. There was no going back, no making it right. It was over. There was no use of harping on it. She had to figure her life out, but right now she just needed, a good cheeseburger, a goodnight’s sleep, and a break! “God forgive me.”

After a few weeks of much needed rest, Charlotte reluctantly resumed her life on Wall Street. She dreaded running into her ex., but knew it was inevitable and bound to happen at some point; and true to his routine, she saw him come down for his morning coffee. From a distance it looked as if time had stood still for him. His physique looked the same, dark beard, sexy upper body, high-top fade, and still a sharp dresser.  Although he looked pleasant to the eye, she had to remember, the heartbreak he inflicted on her.  Approaching him was not an option, he’d shown his true colors when she needed him the most and going back to that toxic situation was a nonstarter.  Nope, not even to say hello!

I’ve Been Doing My Own Thing

“To Charlotte, happy birthday, sis!” They raised their glasses to celebrate their friend. They made their way to the dance floor, with Charlotte in tow, “Come on”, as Cicley pulled her along and they danced to “Let the Music Play” by Shannon. They reminisced about the good ole days. Cicely, Eva, and Lyndon had been friends with Charlotte since the early 90’s in high school. They’d been through the baggy overalls with TLC, biker shorts with EU, tracksuits with RUN DMC and asymmetrical cuts with Salt -n-Pepa. Their friendship had stood the test of time, and tonight, they were there to celebrate their friend and try to get her back in the groove of life. While they had all met during high school, Charlotte was closest to Cicley. Their bond was unshakable… Cicley knew everything Charlotte had gone through. She may not have agreed with her, but she respected the decision of her friend.

A night on the town was exactly what her body, soul and mind were longing for. Her girls had come through just as she knew they would! The night was fun and the melody of the music took her back to a time when she was happy with Bryan…she lost herself in the lyrics, and found herself singing along, “I hope you know what I been goin’ through baby…I wonder if you’re goin’ through it 2…But I’m afraid 2 face what might be true, hey u…”, Groove Theory was her favorite group. She loved them like she loved him, they took her in many different directions; happy, sad, lonely, reminiscent… – just like Bryan did.

Love Has Always Had A Way Of Having Bad Timing

Bryan’s damage cut deep! Charlotte found herself battling bouts of depression trying to come to grips with everything. She would often fantasize about the day she would run into him again. New York is huge, but around certain corners, on certain trains, at certain deli’s, it was inevitable their paths would cross sooner or later. What would she say to him? Only time would tell; her hope was to be totally over him before it happened…

The weekend was exhausting, she looked forward to going into the office, maybe she could find some project to immerse herself into, …. you know, to keep the thoughts of Bryan down to a minimum. When she arrived, she was met with a dozen roses and a note sitting on her desk. She knew without knowing that he had come back and once she opened that envelop to read that card, it would be signed, Bryan!!! She was all cried out; he couldn’t possibly hurt her anymore??? She sat in disbelief, and asked herself, “How did he know I was back?” He had to have seen her without making it obvious. “But when?”, she wondered. Charlotte sat there going back and forth, playing it over in her mind when he could have seen her. …. She held off, reading the card for a few hours, trying to ignore what was sitting in front of her, yet somewhere deep down inside she desired this moment. It was a moment she’d been waiting for!


she stopped, adjusted herself in her seat and began to read, slowly, absorbing every word…

”So many times, I wanted to call you or somehow see you, but time got lost, here’s a start, all my love.


Those words hit Charlotte like a ton of bricks, it was as if he’d come back from the dead…NOW, what?

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