How they met…..

Train Announcer: “Now boarding the 10 am train to Montauk”.

Dysfunction - Young beautiful girl walking in Time square metro station,getting the train. Lifestyle concepts about New york“Girl you better hurry up, you know you can’t miss this train!”, Wyatt laughed to herself. She ran up the steps as fast as she could; her black and white shell top Adidas carefully touching every step. There was an unwritten rule in NY, that even though you wanted to wear your attention getting freak’um pumps all day, the thought of twisting your ankle or breaking a heel while running for the “A” train, was not an option. Her overnight bag was filled with all her accessories; the highlight being a form fitting  little black dress she had carefully picked out for this evening’s Black-Tie Affair. It was all part of wooing a client. Her bosses had given her a generous expense account and she planned on showing out.

Wyatt was acutely aware how important this client was to her career and her firm; making her more than willing to take the two-and-a-half-hour train ride to the East Hamptons. Wyatt was from Bed-Stuy. She was a diehard Knicks fan who grew up in the era where your summers were filled with Double Dutch, kids playing in fire hydrants, and Italian ices. Never did she desire to visit the Hamptons, from what she’d heard, none of those kids experienced the fun of her childhood. But she was here now, an adult, someone who wanted more in her life, and this assignment…, this assignment would give her an opportunity to advance her career while seeing what all the hype was about.

The partners knew this account couldn’t be handled by a rookie paralegal. It would require a scholar who also had swagger and street smarts. That’s why Wyatt was there. Her infallible confidence and fortitude were compliments of the neighborhood on Chauncey Street. She was the top paralegal at the firm of Simms (that’s with two m’s), Sims (no relation to Simms) & Chappell (that’s pronounced like chapel); a distinguished firm founded by 3 young, exceptional, black men who formed an inseparable bond in college. They had built a powerful firm, big on philanthropy with huge ties to the Brooklyn community.

Sidenote: These brothers are fine! But that’s for a later episode.

Wyatt purchased her ticket, ran up 22 stairs and made it to the platform with a few minutes to spare. “All aboard”, screamed the conductor. She struggled to find a seat on the crowed train but managed to find an empty section. Just as she took a deep breath and closed her eyes for the sacred rest, HE sat down beside HER. “Oh no”, she thought “I don’t feel like talking to anyone!” She opened her eyes, glanced, and noticed he was a tall dark handsome man with the physique of a God. The moment he smiled, he had her good, bad or otherwise. Out the side of her eye she looked at him up and down. She thought to herself, who’s house did he just come from? Is he playin’ her by going to see someone else? Was he about to push up on her or anyone else on this train ride? It sure as hell wouldn’t matter to her anyway, she wasn’t about to give him a minute of her time. Wyatt was far from a fashionista and she would be the first to say there are more pressing things in life than fashion, but who put him in that purple sweat suit? Not the outfit she would put her man in, but hey to each its own. Maybe that was a sign, he really didn’t have anyone in his life to help him pick out a more flattering outfit. She turned around and continued listening to her music.

“Lord, if his personality is as sensuous as the smell of his cologne, I’m in trouble.” She closed her eyes as not to be distracted, but inside she wanted him so bad to say something just so she could hear his voice.

Wyatt was wearing her new fragrance infused with pheromones (she’d been promised when she wore it, she would be a sex magnet). Now was her chance to put that promise to the test. The smells of “exotic hibiscus, a hint of plumeria and sandalwood” were a perfect trifecta. “Let’s see if this baby works, it better or I’ll be going to Jamaica Ave. and find that girl who sold me this stuff.”

“So, where you goin’?”, said the deep voice next to her. Finally, he spoke! Ahem, she cleared her throat and pretended she didn’t hear him. Suddenly she felt a hand touch her arm; “Is he invading my space? I sure hope so!” she thought to herself. She removed her earplugs and looked at him. Her eyes invitingly said, “Thank you for touching me, and what else can I help you with?”, but her mouth rudely said, “Excuse me! What did you say?”

Before he could respond, Wyatt answered him, “To the Hamptons to meet a client”, she smiled. “And you, where you headed?” “With you”, he laughed. “Let me see your ticket, I don’t need no stalkers around me.” She glanced at his ticket and realized he was only playing with her, but shoot she had to make sure.

“Oh, I don’t think so, I’m sure you got somewhere else to be”, she laughed. “Why else would you be on the LIRR this time of morning?”, she asked. He looked directly at her and said, “it must have been to meet you.” She shrugged her shoulders, as to dismiss him, but she continued to talk to him anyway.

“Where you from?” she asked. “Queens”. She paused and made the funniest gesture with her lips. He looked at her, and smiled, “yeah what’s that all about?”

She smiled, well you can’t help that!” “Oh! you got jokes, and where you from?” “Brooklyn”, she answered with a little swagger in her voice. “What’s your name?” He finally got up the nerves to ask her. “Who me?”, she laughed as if she wasn’t expecting him to ask her. “Well, I don’t see anyone else standing here talking but me and yes you.” She reached out her hand to shake his, “I’m Wyatt”, she smiled. “You mean like Wyatt as in Wyatt (Earp)?” Now what kind of lame come on is that, she thought. “NO as in Wyatt”, she laughed and rolled her eyes to show how annoyed she was. “That must happen to you often, my bad, don’t beat me up”. “And since you are asking my personal business, what is your name?” He smiled and she melted inside, “Osiris.” “That’s different, sounds like one of those Greek gods or something. Do you come with a last name? Is that your real name or the fake one you give all the women you meet?” “Naw, that’s it, why would I lie to you, do you need to see some id?” Wyatt stood there waiting for him to pull out his driver’s license or something to identify himself. “I trust you, I think”, she said.

Dysfunction - Close up outdoor portrait of black African American couple embracing each other“Well my stop is coming up soon” “Yo, will I see you again?”, he asked. Not the romantic version of “when can I see you again”, but she’d take that. “Okay, girl don’t blow this, he is hot, the best thing you’ve seen in a minute. How bad could it be, he did say his father worked in the police department and that would make him okay, right?” The two-and-a-half-hour train ride was over before she knew it. The conductor announced the East Hampton stop was next.  “East Hampton, East Hampton”, the announcer repeated making the second and final call. “I gotta go before I miss my stop.” “I’ll call you tonight.” “And I’ll be waiting.” The train pulled off and Wyatt had just landed her “Mister Right Now” or so she thought….

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