Sandy BeachIt was Wyatt’s second day in the Hamptons. Outside of meeting Osiris on the train, yesterday was boring and mundane. Professionally it was productive, but she hoped today would offer some excitement along with that productivity. A combination of the bright sunrise, waves and the smell of coffee brewing woke Wyatt out of her sleep. Wyatt sat on her balcony enjoying the sunrise, reminiscing over her encounter with Osiris. As pleasurable as those thoughts were, she couldn’t help but wonder why he hadn’t called yet. She decided to sit around waiting on that call was not time well spent and decided to get dressed and visit some of the local shops and pick up a few gifts for her girlfriends Brooklyn. By 3pm Wyatt was headed back to her hotel room to prepare for the business dinner party. Still holding out that she would soon hear his voice, she took her shower, sprayed her favorite perfume in her favorite spots and headed downstairs to meet the driver.

Sleek in her black strapless dress and high heel black pumps Wyatt owned the night. Those who got close to her could also see Wyatt’s only tattoo, a butterfly with the word “you” on her right shoulder. While all the room admired Wyatt, her thoughts were still on the train. She fantasized Osiris would show up and sweep her off her feet, outfitted in a gorgeous Italian cut black jacket with slim fit pants that showcased every asset she could imagine. The sound of a broken glass in the background glass quickly brought her back to reality.

Mr. Simms would leave for Brooklyn ahead of Wyatt because his business with the client was over. It was Wyatt’s job to stick around, take care of any additional paperwork and settle their hotel bill. She was accustomed to cleaning up behind her bosses and tying up any loose ends that could later embarrass the firm. Wyatt knew where all of the proverbial “bodies were buried”, she knew all of her bosses’ secrets and was a vital asset to them and the firm.

Feels Good To Be Home

Wyatt was finally home; she was glad it was over, both the train ride and Osiris. Up until now, the first conversation would be their last conversation and she was cool with it…no she wasn’t! Wyatt was mad, mad at herself for falling for a man she’d met on the train. She was smarter than that, too smart to give a perfect stranger her number. She thought to herself if she’d only taken his number then she would be in control of the situation, and he would be the one wondering where the hell she was. But she only had herself to blame for being played, and found it easier to convince herself he was married. At least thinking he was a creep with a wife would soften the blow of disappointment if he never called. But whatever the reason she kept the smell of his cologne and his sexy smile in her mind. If she had to do it all over again, trust, she would not hesitate.

Wyatt was ready to get back to her routine and letting go of this past weekend was the best way to put her back in the grind. She called her Uber and headed to the office. When she arrived at the office she noticed her co-workers staring at her as she walked passed them. As awkward as she felt in that moment, she kept walking making only one stop at the desk to pick up her messages. What exactly did they know that she didn’t know? After all there was very little, if anything occurring at the firm that she wasn’t privy too.

When she opened the door, there sitting on her desk was the brightest, pink Strawflower bouquet she’d ever seen. Her jaws dropped! The aroma of the flowers filled her office. She slowly walked towards her desk unsure of what she would find. There was a note attached and she braced herself for what the note said. To her surprise the note put an instant smile on her face. She grinned for a good five minutes just staring at the note, something in her heart said it could only be from Osiris.

“Baby, meeting you was amazing, I’ve been thinking of you since the train ride” ~ Osiris! She stood there frozen, temporarily forgetting where she was. “How did he find me?” she thought to herself. Finally, she could breathe again. His words came across as powerful on paper as they did in person. As she read the card over and over, her phone rang as if on cue, it was him! It was as if he’d been watching her every move. They talked for about thirty minutes and made plans for later; she purposefully failed to mention her distress concerning him not calling. The last thing Wyatt wanted to do was show her hand regarding how she felt about him.

They met later that evening at a sidewalk lounge in downtown Brooklyn by the piers with the Manhattan skyline shining in the darkness. As he walked towards her, she could feel her heart beating fast, he looked as handsome as she remembered. He hugged her and kissed her on the cheek. “You look good Ms. St. James.” she smiled softly and replied, “so do you.”

The date went well into the night they laughed and talked about everything imaginable. Wyatt felt like she had known him all her life; luck had finally come her way. She’d met some good guys but they were quickly overshadowed by the worst of them. Osiris was a breath of fresh air. He was funny, intelligent, could speak on any social issue of the times and had perfectly great teeth…it was all good. The mood was right and by the time the talking and laughing stopped the hour was late. Osiris knew travelling on the train after midnight night was a hassle, not to mention trying to connect to the LIRR. Both Wyatt and Osiris thought it would be best if he stayed at her apartment for the night and they both leave in the morning when Wyatt left for work. But things don’t always go according to plan…

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