Stories Of Love Deceit Dysfunction and Triumph

The Wyatt LaVau Story

What is my story? Wyatt is who I will always be and LaVau reveals the valleys in my life. Why do I write? So, you don’t have to personally endure what I had to…. Three short stories, (The OutFit, Dysfunction, and UnMarrying Daniel Messenger) Three women (Charlotte, Wyatt and Lillie) and Three life changing events (Baby, Abuse, Betrayal)


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The OUTfit

She has built a fortress surrounded by the furniture of deceit, guilt, dishonor, depression and low self-esteem. She sat comfortably in the chair full of lies.  For many of ...

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How they met..... Train Announcer: “Now boarding the 10 am train to Montauk”. “Girl you better hurry up, you know you can’t miss this train!”, Wyatt laughed to herself. ...

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Un-Marrying Daniel Messenger

Lillie sat alone in the middle of the cold floor. She held her head in her hands; her eyes puffy as tears rolled down her face. Lillie had no ...


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